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When the players give the coach feedback

Often it is actually the opposite, the coach gives the players feedback. The coach should guide, support, encourage, adjust and motivate. But sometimes, quite often actually (if you facilitate it, and you should) the players give the coach feedback.

Oh sometimes, it comes just when you need it, and it hits you right in the heart!

As a coach, I leave large parts of my soul in my work, and when it is noticed, it is extra warm.

Today I was struggling with something, and the frustration was sky high.

Then it ticked into my discord. A feedback that I would like to share with you!

Because it made me proud!

And it showed me that I am doing something right, because you don't always feel it.

Although I am lucky and have players who are constantly building eachother up. The cheering actually goes both ways, both from players to coach, and from coach to players!

And that's how you want it to be, At least here at Better E-sport we want it to be that way!

This player had an assignment at school to write about her favorite coach, and this is what she delivered 🥹🥹🥹🥰

Many thanks to you who made this, which made me cry a little! Made me proud, and very, very grateful! Thank you <3

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