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Meet Imo our next VCT Game Changer player!

Let me introduce our next player, Imo! She plays under the gamer tag Honneh. Perhaps you have already read about her in previous blog posts. Imo is a versatile participant in Better E-sport, and her involvement extends across all our teams.

Not only is Imo an important player on both the A-Team and the girls' team that participates in Game Changer, but she also takes on the role of coach for the B-team in Better E-sport. Imo is without a doubt a force to be recon with, with an impressive presence at several levels in the organization.

Analytical and caring, Imo ensures that all team members are taken care of. She doesn't just play for herself, but invests time and effort in raising the level of the whole team. Imo is not afraid to express his opinions and has a unique ability to ensure that everyone is heard. This openness and ability to communicate effectively helps to create an inclusive and dynamic team environment.

Imo is also known as the go-to person when challenges arise, especially when the manager is not present. Her analytical skills and sense of justice make her a reliable resource in handling complex situations. Imo stands up for what is right, and her strong sense of justice is a valued quality in Better E-sport.

She is not only a cracker on the playing field, but also a hard-working and learnable person. Imo's dedication to achieving new goals and her rare work ethic have made her an inspiration to the team and a valuable member of Better E-sport.

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