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I can not believe it!


I'm finally done with my bachelor's degree, and I can hardly believe it. I thought I would feel happier, but instead, I've experienced an enormous sense of exhaustion. Perhaps that's normal? I've spent the last while recuperating. It's been a wild few years, and I'm so glad I seized this opportunity!

My bachelor's thesis explored whether women can benefit from a different training approach and the application of motivational theories compared to men. I'll delve more into this in future posts. The topic was incredibly fascinating. I examined differences between the sexes in terms of personality, social disparities, how each gender experiences friendship, and the existing motivational theories, and how these factors can impact their training experiences.

This topic is extremely relevant to me. I have a deep passion for girl gaming and am committed to making e-sports more inclusive for girls. Not just inclusive, but adapted to their needs as well. I believe it's crucial to address several areas, one of which is the training environment for girls. It's essential to meet girls' specific training needs and provide the approach they require.

Just like in traditional sports, where sports are typically designed for men and women are placed in the same setting without adjustments, we often expect the same results. However, there's significant evidence suggesting this isn't the right approach. We need to consider the unique needs of girls and tailor the training approach to their specific requirements. I'll explore how this can be achieved in more detail in upcoming posts.

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