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Girls Cup and Girls Gaming

The Girl Cup is approaching rapidly! April 6th is the big day!

We currently have 5 registered teams, and we hope to have more! The motives behind this event are multifaceted. It's part of the Eamus+ project, in which the E-sport Alliance are participants in. The aim is to enhance the involvement of girls in e-sports.

I was brought in as the project manager for this initiative, which I am incredibly proud of. I am humbled by the trust placed in me, and I am genuinely committed to doing a great job here.

Incorporating girls into e-sports is incredibly important work, and the task of including girls and women in gaming is a complex issue.Another motivation for hosting this event is to create Norwegian female role models for girls considering entering e-sports or already involved in it.

The importance of having good role models to look up to cannot be overstated, particularly for girls. This can be read about in the article "She needs to see it to be it: The importance of same gender athletic role models" (Midgley et al., 2021). This is especially crucial when athletes are entering a male-dominated field, as most would agree the e-sports environment is.

So, that's precisely what we aim to achieve with this cup. Yes, it should technically be called a tournament, but trust me, there's a reason we're calling it a cup ;)

We want to create female role models for all the girls, non-binary individuals, and trans girls in the audience. I hope I've covered everyone, and if not, I apologize. Please help this boomer get it right. To simplify, when I say "girls," I mean anyone who identifies as such regardless of their biological sex.

But anyway! We want to create female role models! It's important for those who come after us, it's crucial to have someone to look up to, and it's essential to show that there are excellent female role models out there! We want to make it exciting; I want it to be exhilarating for both the players and the spectators! Everyone should feel like they're part of something big and significant!

There is no requirement that you be on a team, or rank, the same if you are iron or radiant. Anyone who identifies as a girl is most welcome.

As mentioned, we kick off on April 6th with the digital cup. You can sign up using this link: . This will take you to the Discord channel, where you can indicate if you have a team or need to be placed on one. (P.S. The link is only active for 7 days, so if it doesn't work, please contact me via email:

The goal here is to have fun, meet other girls with the same interests. Those who make it to the final will compete in person at Asker Kulturhus on April 27th from 12-18. I'll provide more details on this later. For now, I want to focus on the digital cup! We want to include as many people as possible. The more, the merrier!

And don't forget to check out the Girl Cup on!

Share this exciting news with everyone you know! Let's make the Girl Cup an unforgettable experience together!

Source: Midgley, C., DeBues-Stafford, G., Lockwood, P., & Thai, S. (2021). She Needs to See it to be it: The Importance of Same-Gender Athletic Role Models. Sex Roles , 85 (3-4), 142–160.

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