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Female Cup!

I have been commissioned to make a girl's cup. Right now, all balls are thrown up in the air, and I alternate between joy and pride at having been trusted to contribute to this project, and a feeling of being overwhelmed and so nervous that I almost throw up. Perhaps this is what is called joy mixed with horror?

The reason I am nervous is because it is so incredibly important to me to succeed with this project. It's close to my heart, and I want to create something that makes it worth being a female esports player!

It's no secret that being a female esports player is pretty tough at times, and I want this tournament to make it worth it to come out of the rooms where we hide! I want to celebrate the girls and I want to be the counterbalance to those who make it so hard to be a female gamer!

I'm so sick of hearing "we have a girl initiative" when in reality people have put together a girls team with no team or support around them at all. They are marketed to show what the girls can do, while everyone pulls out the popcorn and waits for them to fail. When things don't go their way, they can sit back and say "yes, look! The girls are not as good as the boys".

But research shows that girls can actually be as good as boys, if they have the same prerequisites. And that is where the big difference lies. Not in whether the boys are better than the girls, but the prerequisites that underlie one's ability to succeed.

Unfortunately, many people forget the last part of the sentence, and that makes it extremely difficult for the girls to assert themselves. They rarely get the opportunity.

So being able to create a really great tournament for the girls is important to me, and a task I in no way take lightly!

This is what I want to achieve. I want a cup/tournament where we include everyone who identifies as a girl. I want include those who live in the north of the country! A lot is added to Oslo, and those who live in the north get fewer offers! I want to make arrangements for those in the north to also be able to participate. I want to make a real show of the cup. I want the girls who can and want to be able to play on a stage, I want them to be proud off being on the stage, I want lights and sound! The bass should vibrate throughout the body, and the hairs on the arms should stand on end! The players who play the final should feel like super stars, and the girls in the venue should think "I want that to be me one day"!

We are talking about creating female role models - Let's create female role models!

Let's create a superstar in the female esports environment then, let's create a platform where girls become and find role models! Let's cheer for the girls, and let's make it worthwhile for the girls to be in this environment! Let's counterbalance the negative, let's make being a female eSports player worthwhile!

If you want to contribute to this girls' cup being everything I've written about, get in touch! Here we need hauling help! We need GREAT prizes, we need sponsors, we need media, we need someone who can make an epic show, and last but not least! We need you girls who sit at home! If you play Valorant, come! If you don't have a team, no problem, we'll set it up for you.

If you struggle to lift your PC, no problem, we'll find someone to help you carry it! If you're in the north and can't get down here - then we'll arrange it so you can participate digitally! If you need facilitation in any form, we are well aware of that! Speak up. If you don't speak Norwegian well, no worries, we also speak English. We want YOU to come!

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