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EsportAlliance's girls gaming!

Earlier this month there was a great event under the auspices of the esports alliance.

You can read more about esportalliansen here: Esport alliance are incredibly skilled at creating commitment and good events, so when I saw that they had a girls' gaming event, I was quick to share it with "my" girls.

I was very surprised at how quickly they jumped in, got together, set up the drive and fixed the steak in one fell swoop! Suddenly there was a full car scheduled for Oslo.

IGL on the girls' team and the A-team, travelers came from another place in the south of the country, to be able to join the rest.

We also have 2 girls in Bergen who set heaven and earth in motion to come! First they were to be driven by their father. Imagine driving across the country just to get the youngsters to a girls' gaming event! I take my hat off to that one! But this was when the sky decided to dump all the snow that had been stored up for a whole year in a few days, so the road from Bergen was closed. The girls had to be rudely told that they couldn't come, then they figured out that they could take the train! We arranged accommodation for them when the news came that the trains were standing.

Again they had to announce that they could not stand. Everyone was sad, cause they thought it was super cool that they came, because everyone was looking forward to meeting each other!

Then the mother comes to the rescue! She books flights and hotel stays and goes with the girls so that they can join.

So! Again, I am completely moved by parents who really throw themselves into finding solutions for the girls to participate, build unity and participate in such things!

Many of the parents who have youth and young adults on teams in Better E-sport are incredibly supportive, and it seemed and is greatly appreciated! We had a lot of fun!

Below you see some photos from the event.

We sneaked away to a cafe to have some team building alone, talk together and get to know each other a little better.

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