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Better E-Sports In Game Changers! What a day!

So, what a day!

We went into this tournament with a fairly fresh team. Some have played on teams before, but certainly not all! We went in without the greatest prerequisites to perform well here. It's a new team, remember we started try outs on January 4! and on 27 January they participate in the Women's European Championships in the game Valorant! It is absolutely unreal to me that this has happened so quickly!

It wasn't the easiest to find registration for this tournament, but I finally found it! We were signed up, and the clarification of expectations began.

It is clear that when you enter a major international tournament with a brand new team, who do not know each other at all, you cannot expect the greatest achievements. The team went into the tournament with realistic expectations, and CRUSHED the expectations! They completely outdid themselves, and I was left gaping! They dominated in the first game, communication was completely on point, everyone was activated and in the zone!

They got a 30-minute break between games, and it was a bit much. They lost a bit of steam, and were probably a bit tired after the first intense match. They played the last game well too, but we didn't have the same focus and the same intensity we had in game 1, and unfortunately we didn't quite finish.

But considering that this was the first tournament for this team, and they have been training together for 2 weeks, this is absolutely sick. 150% goal achievement and I am very happy with the team's effort! Not least thinking about how this team will perform in the GC after they have trained for a whole year together! You can hardly wait to see it! This team is clearly "a force to be recon with"!

Game Changer 2025! Here we come!

I would like to say a big thank you to the players who played excellently! #Nyx #Manari #Honneh #Mao #Nanisan and subs who were ready to jump in if there were any problems: #Kala and #mnsteraddict.

I would also like to say a big thank you to Hanstheonly1 who casted our match! Hans is always helpful and not only did he stream the GC yesterday, he streamed and tracked 3 other players playing in the Swedish tournament for #FemaleLegends. You can follow his stream Here:

And last, but not least, the great cheerleaders that the rest of the club made up! Where they showed the match on screen, had watch parties, were on discord and cheered the team on!

This is what I want to achieve with Better E-sport! The unity, that we cheer each other on, is there in ups AND downs. That you sweep together and help each other to build something very special!

So many thanks to everyone who helped make this day as special as it was!

AND a big shoutout to #nyx's Mom who really went above and beyond to get #nyx with us that day, and thanks to all the moms (and dads) who came along and cheered on the stream! Keep it up!

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